8 Critical Reasons To Make Repairs Before Selling Your House

If you are planning to sell your house quickly and for top dollar you need to consider making the house look and operate better than the comparable houses for sale in the neighborhood.  Retail buyers are looking for houses that are ‘Move-In’ ready and require little to no work.  If you don’t make repairs before selling your house you will undoubtedly have a frustrating and stressful sales process.
According to top real estate professionals, below are 8 critical reasons to make repairs before selling your house:

  1. Buyers are looking for the least amount of work possible when buying a house.  Visually when they look at your home if it is cosmetically unappealing they will discount the value of your house significantly more than it will cost you to make the basic repairs.
  2. The most common repairs that are easily and inexpensively fixed are: carpet stains, cracked windows, outdated kitchen appliances, scratched/marked up flooring, cracks in walls/ceilings, dirty bathrooms, cluttered belongings, deteriorating paint, and poor lighting.
  3. The costs to fix these problems will be much less than the buyer’s estimate in making the repairs.
  4. Homes in disrepair stay on the market longer and command a much lower price than the neighboring homes that are updated and well maintained.
  5. The escrow period can be a nightmare when the buyers see the inspection report that is 2 inches thick full of maintenance items you haven’t taken care of.  They will ask for repairs, credits and discounts.  Things can get ugly and it can cause you a ton of stress and headache.
  6. Trying to get things fixed quickly to close with a demanding buyer is always more expensive as you will not have the time to do it yourself or shop around for a low bid.
  7. Real estate agents will want you to severely discount your home right away to get a quick offer from an investor or less qualified buyer.
  8. You’ll save time, effort and $$$ when your house is prepped to sell.

If you are looking to sell a house quickly and for a fair price, you really need to make the necessary repairs before putting it on the market to avoid the pain and frustration of not selling.

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