Five Reasons to Sell Your House Off-Market

Are you in need of selling a house and unsure how to unload it? If dealing with agents or selling an unwanted property yourself seems daunting and impossible or if you are facing a tough situation and you need to sell quickly, what can you do to avoid the pain and hassle of selling a house? Every situation is different but here are five reasons why selling your house off market to a cash buyer can help you.

1. There is no need to hire a real estate agent and pay costly commissions and fees. After taking the time to interview and hire the right agent to sell your property, you will be left with the tedious task of preparing your property to sell. It is important to remember that when you list your home on the MLS with an agent, that agent will want the house spotless and manicured, not to mention available to as many prospective buyers as possible, this can be a difficult task if you have tenants, the property needs work and/or you do not live near the property. It could take months to a year to find a buyer and months beyond to close the deal.

2. There is no unnecessary time wasted on marketing and showing your home to countless strangers that may or may not even qualify for the bank loan they need to purchase the property. Listing the home on the MLS will require your hired agent to host multiple open houses and provide access to droves of strangers and require you to keep the home in tip top shape.

3. You will not have to wait months to find the right buyer and for the deal to finally close. Most buyers require financing which adds 30-45 days. The buyers don’t always qualify for the mortgage or follow through with the purchase. They will always perform property inspections, termite inspections etc. to try and find anything wrong with the property that they don’t want to deal with.

4. The property will be sold in its current condition, as is. Most retail buyers want a house they can move into without fixing a thing. Mortgage lenders have requirements for living conditions that could prevent you from selling your house. Getting a house market-ready can cost a lot of money and take months to complete.

5. Less paperwork! Selling a house via real estate agent can seem like your signing your life away. Most often you will sign disclosures, addendums, reports, agreements, offers, counters, and profiles, it never seems to end.
Selling your house with a real estate agent can get you the top dollar for your house IF you’re willing to deal with the 5 aforementioned reasons. An off-market sale of your unwanted house can save you time, effort and money and may be the best way for you. Call 916-500-4410 or visit www. to discuss selling your property today.

About SAC House Buyers:
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