How to Sell The House When Going Through Divorce

Many questions and emotions arise when going through divorce.  The thought of selling the house when going through divorce can be an emotional struggle between husband, wife and mediator or attorneys during the divorce process.  Reaching the decision to sell the family house will have an emotional and financial taxing on the family however, it may be the best way to split assets evenly and start over new.

Once the decision is made to sell your house when going through divorce, the next step is to decide how to sell the property.  The thought of preparing the house for sale and making joint decisions on who to list with, or holding open houses can be emotionally taxing.  There are other options to sell your home that may be less emotional and easier to deal with than listing the home on the open market.  Listed below are two contrasting options to sell your house, and the process involved to make it work.

1.  Sell a house the traditional way – through a real estate agent/broker.

The first task at hand is to pick an agent that each of you agree on.  If you have trouble agreeing, each of you could pick a friend or relative, and have those two people agree on an agent. Or you can each choose an agent and have those two agents select a third to sell the house, if the agents are willing to do that.  After the process of selecting an trustworthy agent and deciding on a listing price, you need to prepare the house for showing.

Getting the house prepped for the market can be one of the most difficult tasks you’re faced with to sell the house when going through divorce.  Often there is work that needs to be done including minor repairs, painting, and de-cluttering.  Before showing, you need to decide where the money comes from to make the house saleable.  If one of you still live in the house, much of the work falls on that person and you might need to figure out a way to compensate that person for the extra effort.  Arranging time for agents to show the house to prospective buyers during the week and holding open houses on the weekend may be necessary to gain the exposure needed to sell.

When you receive an offer, or offer’s, on the property, you will need to work together to review and analyze the buyer’s requests, closing schedule, and financing.  Once you negotiate the terms with the buyer’s and their agent, the closing process will typically consist of buyer inspections, contingencies, re-negotiations and finally closing.  Depending on the market it can take 45 days to a year to sell and the Closing Attorney or Escrow Company can divvy up the funds at closing.  On the alternative you may decide to sell privately on your terms…

2.  Sell a house to a private buyer or investor – without the hassle.

Selling to a private buyer can save both of you, time, effort, pain and money.  Typically a private investor looking to buy a home like yours will pay a fair price compared to the convenience they offer.  The sales process is completely simplified.  Once there is an agreed upon sales price, investors typically buy in the current condition for cash and allow you a convenient closing date.  This will allow enough time to find replacement housing, and move out at your convenience.

When selling the family house while going through divorce, the last thing on your mind is improving the property, or spending time preparing the property to help benefit your former spouse.  Consulting with an investor that buys houses in your area may be a worthwhile call that could save you months of heartache and distress.

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